Is it October already?

The end of academic year already! Doesn’t seem like yesterday since I started this new adventure.

Apologies for the lack of blogs, but I have been keeping a separate blog going for the course, as part of the paper. Hopefully some of you kept up to date with that at http://www.nathistfilm2008.wordpress.com

So, supposedly I should know have all the skills required to make a documentary film! Well, actualy I know I have, because we just did so. One of our assignments was to produce (research, film, direct, edit and manage) a 5 minute film on the topic of “Wild Dunedin”. We then had to package these up into half hour commercial episodes (with yours truly the project manager for the whole thing), and the first one got shown on local TV last week. Yes Mum, I was on the Telly!

Admittedly Channel 9 in Otago probably only has about 5% of the audience of Border TV in the UK, but its a start!

Channel 9 were meant to be uploading the episodes to their website after each broadcast, but have been a bit slow. So I have uploaded the first episode, which includes me and my film, onto You Tube. have had to split it into 4 bits, as YouTube only allows 10 minute clips.

Here they are:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –

So what now?

Time to try and earn some money! I might be able to get some contract work back at the bank if need be, but I am hoping to get some work down here in Dunedin getting experience in the TV/film industry.

I have a summer scholarship project that is funded – producing a short film about “wilding pines” for a charitable trust. basically Pine trees that were planted in an area of the south island to prevent soil erosion, that have now spread and are becoming an potential ecological disaster. they want a short film to give to people to help fund raising. So I am off towards Queenstown this weekend to meet the key people, and do some prelim filming.

Then its lots of research for our thesis film that we have to produce to gain the Masters qualification. I’m working with another student – Steve Ting, on a film about 1080. 1080 is a poison that is used to control the pests in New Zealand such as Possums, stoats and rats, but there are a lot of people in New Zealand who are vehemently against the use of 1080, as it has effects on recreational hunting animals such as wild pigs, deer, and is also deadly to dogs. If anyone in NZ has good stories to tell about 1080, please drop us an e-mail at 1080documentary.com.

Other things:

Sinead is soon to go off on her big adventure. She is moving up to Christchurch for 4 months to undertake a course on Antartic studies. This involves 15 days down in antartica itself. Something she has always dreamt of doing. So we are frantically trying to find a short term flat mate, or Sinead will be paying double rent! I have also had to buy myself a cheap $500 car to get me around over summer, as Sinead is taking her car North. Christmas for Sinead will be in Antartica, so I’m heading North to catch up with mark and Family Cleghorn. Back in time for New year, to hopefully collect Sinead off the plane (if the weather allows).

With the rising price of vegies, I have also taken to trying to grow my own. Our landlord lives nextdoor, and he has a patch in his garden that we have turned into a joint veggie plot. Just planted Sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, spinach. Hopefully it will all bear goodness in 10 weeks or so. Although the weather doesn’t always help out. Yesterday it was 28 degrees and sunny here in Dunedin. Today the winds have turned, and its cold and rainy. Just as unpredictable as the lake district!

Have caught up with a couple of people recently on Skype (my skype name is nomad_pete, get in touch!). Had a bizzarre early morning watching the England game via skype webcam that Steve Bamber kindly set up for me. Still miss my footie. Although ironically, the only other game I have seen on the internet was the  Sheffield Derby that we lost controversially!

Will soon be setting up another Blog site for our 1080 film – http://www.1080documentary.wordpresss.com, so keep checking that out.

Feel free to pass on the Wild Dunedin links to friends family. Its all about networking apparently. Who knows – Steven Speilberg might get wind of my on screen talents!

On a last note:

This Christmas – Why not encourage friends/family to make a donation to their favourite charity, rather than buy something that you don’t need and will never use (and in my case will have to be flown half way around the world). Give something to people who really need it? I’ve known of a few people that have suffered or passed away from Cancer over the last year, so I am asking family to donate to one of the cancer charities.


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